Holy crap, I’ve been sick for the last three weeks and I come back here and suddenly people are reading my blog! Four hundred hits in a day! More than a thousand this month! Zomg! *sweatdrop*

I can only apologize abjectly to you (especially those of you who made the three weeks’ worth of comments I just approved all at once) and hope you’ll keep reading.

While I prepare some upcoming blockbusters on body image and other things, here’s a quote from a recent issue of Toronto’s Pink Play, timely given the hockey fever that has taken over this city:

“Sports enthusiasts are nerds too!” says Jaime Woo, writer/activist and co-creator of the videogame conference GamerCamp. “Look at all the stats they know and their fantasy pools with all their imaginary match-ups—‘What if the Pittsburgh team of ‘72 was up against the Atlanta team of ‘85?’”

When he says it like that, it does sound pretty geeky. “What are the big battle scenes in Lord of the Rings”, he insists, but “just a heightened version of football?”

But he’s playing with fire here—football is sacred in a way that Dungeons and Dragons is not. In a culture (straight and gay) that prizes a confident masculinity above all else, anyone feminine or introverted or unathletic or otherwise falling short of that ideal gets marginalized—even if the fantasies they love correspond with it.