Welcome to my fabulous new blog about femme guys! (Because, like everyone else, I desperately needed more reasons to spend time on the computer.)

I have noticed over the last little while (by which I mean, like, ten years) a distinct lack of internet resources targeting the community of femme guys. Believe me, I’ve looked. The most I’ve ever managed to find is one or two laudatory mentions in a few blogs, one or two Facebook and Livejournal communities, and a whole lot of hate.

And yet it’s not like there’s any lack of us. You can’t turn around in queer men’s spaces without walking right into a profusion of non-traditionally-masculine-presenting fellows. But you’d never notice it – our whole existence is silenced, denied, and (paradoxically) vigorously shouted down. A galaxy of kinks, fetishes, and types of every kind are catered to (so much the better!), but femme boys are nowhere to be found among them. (And yet someone must be having sex with us, considering how much of it we have.)

So this is a blog about men, boys, and other male-identified folks of all varieties, embodiments, karyotypes, and histories who are femme, feminine, effeminate, non-masculine, faggy, nancy, sissy, faerie, limp-wristed, limp-fisted, genderqueer, gender enhanced, and gender euphoric – anything but gender-normative.

A few issues to clear up: I’m firmly committed to having this be a space that is anti-oppressive on all fronts. (Please see the Comments Policy.) Conversely, I am trying to stay aware of the privilege I experience as a white, cissexual male Anglophone of middle-class origins living in Canada. Should I express myself in a way that is oppressive, I would appreciate being called on it.

Also, generally in this blog I’ll be referring, for simplicity’s sake, to “non-masculine men” or “femme men” as a way of expressing the big long list from two paragraphs ago. I do apologize to those who may find that what I have to say applies to them, but do not identify in this way, and who might find it alienating.

So you have some idea of where I’m coming from: I’m a late-twenties Canadian, living in Montreal. I’ve been out as a gay man and as non-masculine since age 16, and have been using the words femme and genderqueer since about age 21. I’m an eclectic Pagan (mostly Reclaiming/Radical Faerie) by religion.

And now, on to the femmeness. We will conclude today’s entry with one of the brightest femme boy stars on the horizon at present, singing what is one of this blog’s many possible theme songs: